Deltaphonic Trio - Jonathan Patrick Thom

Deltaphonic’s third album, The Funk, the Soul & the Holy Groove, blends New Orleans funk, soul, and hill country blues-influenced rock n’ roll into a deliciously gritty sound that exists in a realm of its own. The album’s ten original songs tell stories of struggle and redemption in the voice of someone who has learned hard lessons and survived to laugh about it. In fact, Deltaphonic is no stranger to hard times. They’re the kind of band that lives the songs they sing, often undergoing whatever bizarre or frightening experiences are necessary to progress down their own road. The resulting memories, coupled with songwriter Andrew T. Weekes’ obsessive dedication to capturing the hilarity and essence of life without contrived excess, make the songs on this album a force to be reckoned with.

The Funk, the Soul & the Holy Groove is what they promise, and exactly what we receive. In fact, “Holy Groove” may just be the inexplicable descriptor of the genre these Crescent City masters have begat.                                                         --American Blues Scene

Since the onset of the pandemic, Deltaphonic has embarked a new mission to record a double EP between New Orleans and Ecuador, where they are currently residing and performing. They plan to release it and resume touring in the fall of 2021.

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